Ingrid Kamerbeek, artist and WEBISM co-founder

Ingrid Kamerbeek, WEBISM

Marktplatz 7

D-94065 Waldkirchen




Fashion designed by Ingrid Kamerbeek

"Erotic Dreams" published 2013
Ingrid Kamerbeek (photo by Arno Signarowski)


What Ingrid loves to do:

- Just living

- Working in close contact with the artists of the

   WEBISM Group under the heading

   "WEBISM - art connecting the world"

- Reading non-fiction books mainly

- Digging in art books and magazines

- Being outside to enjoy nature

- Preparing meals with oecological ingredients 

- Listen to the radio

- Travelling

- Setting up art shows along with the WEBISM Group artists   worldwide

- Brewing a good strong coffee



Fav books:

- Non-fiction books

- Books by Dr. Rodney Pygoya Chang

- Books by Professor Herbert W. Franke

- Books by Johanna Renate Wöhlke

- Books by Dr. Wolf Tekook

- Books by Dr. Steven W. Pollard

- Books by Dr. Michael Schetsche

- all books by WEBISM Group artists

Fav Music:

- Beatles

- Nora Jones

- Ravi Shankar

- Maryline Blackburn

- Thomas Beckmann, Cello

- George Harrison

- IZ

- Maurice Ravel

- 12-tone-music




Fav websites: